Make your body feel great with a $45 Chiropractic Check-up

If you want to reduce pain and feel ‘in better shape’, then book your discounted consultation (normally worth $260) with
Oasis Health Centre today.

Restore balance to your body with us

  • Do you suffer from ongoing pain that is affecting your day to day life?
  • Do you have discomfort from poor posture or injury?
  • Do you experience poor or uncomfortable sleep?
  • Do you want to be healthier than you currently are?

Through the expert application of chiropractic care, imbalances, pain and discomfort can be reduced or eliminated, allowing you to enjoy a better experience of life once more.

It just takes a check-up with a Warners Bay Chiropractor to get started.

How chiropractic spinal alignment can help

Our spine not only supports our bodies, but it also encloses, protects and distributes our nervous system.

When it gets out of proper alignment, we can suffer from ‘pinched’ nerves, damaged discs, spinal arthritis, headaches and nerve pain in our extremities.

It can even cause other medical issues like poor sleep, circulation and more. By getting our spine in good shape, your nerves can function like they should - eliminating joint pain, muscular tightness and inflammation.

Why see a chiropractor at Oasis Health Centre, Warners Bay?

Oasis Health Centre is your local source of holistic wellness in the Lake Macquarie region.

With a range of services and treatments that complement traditional medicine, we’ll ensure your body gets the attention it needs.

Our chiropractic service can assist you by:

  • Getting your spine, nervous system and body back into proper alignment.
  • Finding the cause of pain and offering treatments that can resolve the issues, rather than just 'covering up' the pain with painkillers or anti-inflammatories.
  • Designing a treatment plan personalised to your unique needs.
  • Helping you to potentially regain higher levels of functioning once more.
  • Whether you’re concerned about your newborn or you're an active 95 year-old, we love to help people of all ages.

“We’ll let you know if we can help you. And if we can’t, we’ll kindly refer you to someone who can. It’s all part of offering a professional chiropractic service you can rely on.”

Dr Jason Geres, Chiropractor

We can help with many physical ailments

Chiropractic can be used to effectively reduce or eliminate pain, discomfort and associated ailments in the body, including:

Neck Pain
Low Energy
Poor Concentration
Poor Posture
Sleep Issues
Hip or Leg Pain
Joint Stiffness & Discomfort
Lower Back Pain
Upper Back Pain
Shoulder Pain
Weak Grip Strength

If you’ve ‘tried everything’ and haven’t gotten the results you’re looking for, then it’s definitely time for a Chiropractic Check-up with us.

About your Chiropractor, Dr Jason Geres

Dr Geres is genuinely passionate about Chiropractic care. Having earned his doctor of chiropractic degree at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) in Toronto, Canada, Jason went on to finalise his study with a Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP®) Certification.

But Jason’s expertise doesn’t stop there. He has also completed study for his Wellness Physiology Certification through the International Chiropractors Association.

Across 25 years in practice, Jason has provided chiropractic treatment to more than 10,000 people. At Oasis Health Centre, we welcome you to be next.

If you are sore, unbalanced, lack energy or just want to feel better, then get in touch with us today for a consultation.

Your partners in long-term wellness

At Oasis Health Centre, we make recommendations based on what physical issues we find and what your health goals are.

(Not simply booking you in for needless ongoing consultations).

With affordable chiropractic care options that can help to keep your body in good health and happiness for years to come, we’re your partners in wellness.

  • Chiropractic is covered by most Private Health Insurance plans (our friendly staff can help you find out what you’re covered for).
  • We can also create a plan that’s affordable for you, even if you’re not covered by insurance or Medicare. Just ask our team.

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